['prɒbɪt]     ['prɒbɪt]    
  • n. 概率单位



  1. I believe my excellent ability can bring you great probit!
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  2. Methods: The LD50 of acetylsalicylic acid with 2.4-Dinitrophenol on mice was determined by simplified probit method.
  3. S. peanut prodcers using a multivariate probit system of equations techniq ue/Tsu-Tan Fu.
    书名/作者 An analysis of the potential acceptance of market alternatives by U.
  4. The probabilities of death, coma were analyzed with Bliss method and their linear regressive equations of probit were obtained respectively, their 50% lethal concentrations(LC50) and 50% coma concentrations(CC50) were calculated by the formulas above.
    采用 Bliss法,计算其死亡率和昏迷率的加权直线回归方程,并获得其经救治后血液半数致死浓度 LC50、半数致昏迷浓度 CC50。
  5. The empirical data were 171 samples collected from a survey conducted in March 1993.The statistical instruments utilized include t-test, F-test, a PROBIT analysis and the generalized linear model.
  6. To achieve these objections, we first estimate a probit insurance participation decision model and then a random-effects insurance volume decision model with Heckman’s sample selection correction.


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