probe head

  • 探头

probe head的用法和样例:


  1. Probe head should only be cleaned with alcohol.
  2. In the network video frequency interrupts in here, some net friends said that is probe head's dead angle.
  3. Some net friends said that fights the final stage the situation not to record is because of the probe head dead angle, is unable to photograph.
  4. The orientation accuracy of the PH9/PH10 probe head has been improved,thus the rotary probe system of three coordinates measuring machine(CMM)can be calibrated once for all.
    提高了 PH9/ PH10回转体的定位精度 ,从而实现三坐标测量机回转测头系统的一次性标定
  5. I have seen some PH9's last a good 10 years+ and others go 3 years because they get abused.Are you sure it's the probe head that is buggered and not the internal head cable in your machine?
  6. The present invention can conveniently realize the procedures of cooling and warming the probe head, and the health tissue along the path can not suffer the cold and hot damnification.
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