normal mouse

  • 正常小鼠

normal mouse的用法和样例:


  1. Group A was the normal mouse,Group B was given Freud's adjuvant(the same method)to determine whether there was affect to the mouse.
    B组予Freud's adjuvant,方法同上。
  2. The content of VitC and total-cholesterol in adrenalgland of the normal mouse and viscera index were not influenced by BHSC.
  3. To show that this, too, is possible, the researchers created a special sort of blastocyst whose cells have double the number of chromosomes found in normal mouse cells.
  4. However the animals reacted to pain in the same way as normal mice.
  5. The normal mice gained weight; the germ-free mice stayed lean.
  6. Zou D, Qiao HL, Quan HX, et al.The antagonistic effect of Panax pseudoginseng wall saponins on inhibition of normal mouse bone marrow[J].Chin J Radiol Med Pro, 2000, 20(6): 413-15.
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