normal beat

  • 正常跳动

normal beat的用法和样例:


  1. On the microcosmic side, the way we discuss contain things such as the non-tradition normal beat, the varing beat and the imperiod beat, thepusle rate being in stead of the beat, the rhythm cell,the add notes and so on.
    本章对《春之祭》的“节奏本体特征”在微观与宏观两个层面进行了论述。 在微观上,论及的非传统节奏手法有:非传统概念的常规节拍、变拍子与非周期棍合拍子、以脉动率代替节拍、运用节奏单元、附加音符等;
  2. Favourite other sports : I play tennis. I'm OK. I play against Davide Petrucci (United's other 17-year-old Italian) but I normally beat him easily!
  3. Syncopated: v.(music) change the rhythm of; displace the normal beats or accents of, eg as in some jazz.
  4. It's thought a surge in stress hormones (eg, adrenaline) disrupts the normal beating of the heart, specifically in the chunky left ventricle.
  5. The computer has a normal qwerty keyboard.
  6. The situation has returned to normal in the city.
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