making files

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making files的用法和样例:


  1. A graphical tool to make file backup simpler.
  2. The glob module provides a function for making file lists from directory wildcard searches: glob.
  3. Responsible for collecting suppliers'information, initial evaluating, arranging assessing meetings and making file system of qualified suppliers.
  4. We will make files of sale or purchasing locations and the full name of clients and make assortments to facilitate ordinary orders that don't involve goods list.
  5. The ability to convert all translatable files into a universal file format, perhaps XML, making file sharing easy and eliminating the need for a team to work using the same CAT tool.
  6. FTP is used to make files and folders publicly available for transfer over the Internet. In some cases you may need to get permission from the network computer's administrator to log on and gain access to files on the computer.
    ftp 使文件和文件夹能够在 Internet 上公开传输。在某些情况下,您需要从网络计算机管理员处获得许可才能登录并访问计算机上的文件。
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