['liːsiːn]     ['liːsiːn]    
  • n. [化] 甜菜碱



  1. The beet may produce not only sugar, but also ethanol, lycine and beet fibre for its utilization.
  2. Ingredients:Rose extract,hydroxyethyl cellulose, propylene glycol, glycerol, methylol acrylamide ethylic lycine, methacrylate copolymer.
  3. The amphoteric surfactants used in leather industry are mainly aminophenol, lycine, imidazoline, polymeric and amphoteric surfactants.
  4. Major raw materials: High quality de-fat fish meal, refined fish oil, squid viscera paste, shrimp meal, high quality de-fat soybean meal, Immunostimulants, micro-ecology preparation, lycine, mineral and vitamin compound etc.
  5. The objective is to perfect the approach of synthesizing lycine in plants in order to advance the resistance of drought and salt by introducing a vector which including the key enzyme CMO gene and BADH gene to the plants by transgenic methods.
    目的将甜菜碱合成关键酶CMO与BADH基因构建到同一表达载体中。 方法用转基因方法将该表达载体导入植物体内,完善植物体内的甜菜碱合成途径,提高植物的抗旱性和耐盐性。
  6. So, in order to solve this puzzle, some experimental EOR researches of new surfactants, including SL-1 (Amino-acid type) and SL-2 (Lycine type), for flooding have been done in the lab with low permeability artificial cores.
    为此,针对提高低渗透油层采收率困难的问题,在室内进行了人造低渗透岩心新型表面活性剂(SL-氨基酸型和 SL-甜菜碱型,以下简称 SL-1和 SL-2)驱油提高采收率实验探索性研究。
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