loop design

  • 回路设计

loop design的用法和样例:


  1. Enmax Fluid Processing Systems are a Closed Loop design and are capable of flow rates ranging from 185 to 11,500 LPM.
  2. DDS-driven PLL would alleviate the complexity of the loop design, mid in the mean time obtain a competitive performance compared to traditional analog methods.
  3. A simulation platform for the control loop design and evaluation of RDP by introducing control system equations into the dynamic model is also developed.
  4. Huangpu Avenue radiation within loop design for a 780-metre underground tunnel, ensures that the rapid transportation needs, and not because of the destruction of streetscape construction Viaduct.
  5. The principles of loop design and selecting parameters of gyrocompass state are also researched, and the method to realize is given and simulation for compare is done for a long time.
  6. Part of the electricity board to maintain the Kuroshio family-style, high-quality solid capacitors inductors with 4 + closed loop design to the 45nm processor to play a broader space.

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