legal fact

  • 法律事实

legal fact的用法和样例:


  1. Swear to me on your honour that this story of yours is based on legal fact.
  2. The objectification of legal fact forming process includes two aspects, namely the evidence judgment open and the decision reason open.
  3. This differentia different basically is legal fact is maintained with law applicable problem, is not the problem with legal ambiguous provision.
  4. Time limit on Litigation is a legal fact that the right will charge when righter does not exercise his right over a legal period.
  5. Warranty period constitutes a legal fact the passing of which will entitle the warrantor to be exempted from the liability of warranty under the agreement.
  6. The language analysis involves the application of the legal concept and legal language, the legal fact described in the legal text, the interpretation to the legal text, the communication between text producer and text receiver, and the legal context.
    法律文本作为法律的载体,它必须以恰当的形式表述法律内容。 法律语言与概念的应用,法律文本与事实相关的描述与解释,立法者与读者基于法律文本的沟通,法律语境的判断都离不开语言分析。
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