land ecosystem

  • 土地生态系统

land ecosystem的用法和样例:


  1. Ardeidae bird is one of important species belonging to wet land ecosystem, and regarded as indicator for environmental assessment.
  2. The problem of water shortage on Huang-Huai-Hai(HHH) Plain is becoming serious day by day,at the same time it has become a main factor of restricting land ecosystem.
  3. The concept of land ecological safety is the land ecosystem of mankind ensure degree unaffected by ecological destroy and environment pollution in the production, living and health.
  4. Land-lake ecozone refers to the functional zone between internal water ecosystem and the land ecosystem, where them is an apparent complexity which attracts attention from geography and geobotany.
  5. The resource of forest is one of the main material bases to protect the system of land ecosystem and sustainable development.It plays an important role to realize the goal that we are striving toward.
  6. As the principal part of the earth land ecosystem, forest, especially the natural forest is most significant in keeping the ecological balance and the maintenance of the biology multiformity.

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