kelly green

  • 鲜黄绿色; n.;黄绿色

kelly green的用法和样例:


  1. The rain comes-good rain to sleep by-and fields that were dun as oatmeal turn to pale green, then to Kelly green.
  2. Silencers are available in BLACK, KELLY GREEN, CLEAR, ELECTRIC BLUE, AND ELECTRIC GREEN rubber.
  3. Cocoa or kelly green looks professional enough for the boardroom, and fresh enough for a summer wedding when paired with sexy sandals.
  4. In this mudroom, a kelly green painted bench works in combination with the rest of the space's elements to create a cheerful, garden-inspired theme.
    描述: 5、这是个(专门存放湿衣物或沾泥衣物的)沾泥物品寄存室,一个灰绿色的长椅与这个空间中其他元素一起创造出令人愉悦的清新感觉。
  5. Kelly Green, an athletic 18-year-old college freshman when she was diagnosed with cancer, eventually lost a large portion of her shoulder and surrounding bone and muscle.
    kelly Green被诊断为癌症时,她还是一位体魄健壮、芳龄18的大学一年级新生,后来,她失去了大部分肩部和周围的骨骼、肌肉。
  6. Sinner down, Kelly, no point of argue with him.

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