[ˌɪntrə'djuːs]     [ˌɪntrə'duːs]    
  • vt.介绍;引进;采用;提出;提倡;放入
introducible introducer introduced introduced introducing introduces



  1. 介绍,引见,使相互认识
  2. 引进,传入
  3. 采用,推行,推广
  4. 提出,制定
  5. 引出,引导
  6. 使开始,使尝试
  7. 作为…的开始;作为…的开头
  8. 做(自我)介绍
  9. 主持(节目)
  10. 使初次了解
  11. 实施
  12. 创始
  13. 将…放入
  14. 带领
  15. 输入
  16. 把(某人)正式带入社交界


  1. vt. 介绍,引见 make known for the first time by telling the person's name to the other
  2. vt. 引进,提出 bring sth in
  3. vt. 实施 bring (new laws, etc.) into practice or use
  4. vt. 将…放〔插〕 put sth (into sth)
  5. vt. 作为…的开头 be a sign that (sth) is about to happen; signal the start of


introduce : 引导, 介绍 ...
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introduce : 引导, 介绍 ...
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introduce : 介绍, 传入 ...
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  1. cause to come to know personally;

    "permit me to acquaint you with my son"
    "introduce the new neighbors to the community"

  2. bring something new to an environment;

    "A new word processor was introduced"

  3. introduce;

    "Insert your ticket here"

  4. bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment;

    "He brought in a new judge"
    "The new secretary introduced a nasty rumor"

  5. bring in or establish in a new place or environment;

    "introduce a rule"
    "introduce exotic fruits"

  6. put or introduce into something;

    "insert a picture into the text"

  7. bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc.

  8. put before (a body);

    "introduce legislation"

  9. furnish with a preface or introduction;

    "She always precedes her lectures with a joke"
    "He prefaced his lecture with a critical remark about the institution"

  10. be a precursor of;

    "The fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in the post-Cold War period"



用作及物动词 (vt.)
  1. She introduced me to her friend.
  2. Excuse me, may I take the opportunity to introduce myself as an interpreter?
  3. And it must introduce democratic reforms.
  4. We will introduce legal safeguards against fraud.
  5. He introduced a motion to the Congress.


用作动词 (v.)
用作及物动词 S+~+ n./pron.
  1. Permit me to introduce myself.
  2. Let me introduce him. This is Mr. Turner, our American friend.
  3. It's my great pleasure to introduce tonight's speaker,Professor Lewis.
  4. She introduced a suggestion that the committee should meet every week.
  5. In February 1967, he introduced the Shipbuilding Industry Bill.1967
  6. He introduced some radical reforms.
  7. Farmers are introducing innovations that increase productivity.
  8. Our factory has introduced a number of advanced techniques this year.
  9. Space science has introduced many new words.
  10. Relative pronouns and adverbs introduce attributive clauses.
  11. A slow theme introduces the first movement.
  12. An enormous orchestral crescendo introduces the climax of the opera.
  13. 用于be ~ed结构
  14. I know your name, although we have never been introduced.
  15. The Bill will be introduced in the next conversation.
用作宾补动词 S+~+ n./pron. +as n.
  1. He introduced Mary as his daughter.
  2. Kaplan introduced him as the government officer.


用作动词 (v.)
introduce into (v.+prep.)
  1. 引进; 插入 put sb/sth inside sth or bring sb/sth into sth introduce sb/sth into sth

    He introduced the guest into the room.他把客人引进屋。

    She introduced me into the lobby.她把我引进休息室。

    You need a special tool to introduce the pipe into the hole.你需要一种专门的工具来把管子插入洞内。

    Introduce the tube into that conduit, please.请把电线插入那个导管内。

    Shakespeare always introduced some comic relief into his tragedies.莎士比亚总爱在他的悲剧中穿插一些令人轻松的滑稽场面。

    The Romans introduced roads into Britain.罗马人把公路引进英国。

    Modern scientific inventions have introduced many new words into the language.现代的科学发明给语言引进了许多新词。

    They introduced the subject into the conversation.他们在谈话中引入了那个话题。

    They intended to introduce investment and technology into the region.他们打算在该地区引进资金和技术。

    The author introduced thieves' slang into his novel.那作者把窃贼的黑话用到他的小说里。

    The educational bureau demands that all schools introduce a new course into the curriculum.教育局要求所有的学校开设一门新课程。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    She was introduced into upper society.她经人介绍进入上流社会。

    A thin, hollow needle was carefully introduced into the patient's abdomen.一根细空心针被小心地插入病人腹部。

    A small amount of alcohol was introduced into the mixture.把少量的烈性酒掺入到这种混合剂中。

    The people are still not very familiar with the machine as it has been introduced into the country only recently.人们对这种机器还不太熟悉,因为它最近才被引入到这个国家。

    Tea was introduced into Europe from Asia .茶叶是从亚洲传入欧洲的。

    Many fruits and vegetables have been introduced into Taiwan in recent years.近年来台湾已引进许多水果和蔬菜。

    Buddhism was introduced into China about 67 AD.佛教是在公元67年左右传入中国的。

    Printing was introduced into Europe from China many years ago.许多年前印刷术从中国传入欧洲。

    Gunpowder was introduced into Europe during the first half of the 14th century.在14世纪上半叶,火药传入欧洲。

    The police have a good idea how most of the cannabis that is introduced into the country gets past the Customs.警方非常了解传入该国的大部分印度大麻是如何通过海关的。

    New technology from the West is being introduced into China.中国正引进西方新技术。

    Many cars are introduced into China from Japan.许多小汽车从日本进口到中国。

    New machines were introduced into the factory. As a result, not only were time and energy saved but production was greatly increased.工厂引进了新的机器,因而不仅节省了时间和能源,还极大地提高了生产。

    A Bill was introduced into the parliament yesterday.一项议案昨天被提交给了议会。

introduce to (v.+prep.)
  1. 把…介绍给; 使…了解 make known to or familiar with (sb else) introduce sb/oneself/sth to sb/sth

    I introduced John to Mary.我把约翰介绍给了玛丽。

    Let me introduce you to my friend Nancy.让我把你介绍给我的朋友南希。

    The chairman introduced the lecturer to the audience.主席把演讲人介绍给听众。

    Let me introduce myself to you.让我向您做个自我介绍。

    He introduced me to the distinctions between the accents of Beijing and Tianjin people.他向我介绍了北京人和天津人的口音区别。

    Who introduced you to the distinction between the accents of British English and American English?谁向你介绍了英国音和美国音的差别?

    She was asked to introduce her method to the other workers.他们让她向别的工人介绍她的工作方法。

    Mr. Bush will introduce you to the details of your work.布什先生将把你要从事的工作的详细内容告诉你。

    I introduced my cousin to the city by showing him the sights.我领我的表兄弟参观名胜,使他熟悉这城市的情况。

    I shall always be grateful to my former teacher for introducing me to the study of language.我将一辈子感激我以前的老师,是他把我引入语言研究大门的。

    My father introduced me to the game of football.我父亲使我接触到足球运动。

    This leaflet introduces you to social security.这份传单会使你了解社会保障状况。

    It was my younger brother who introduced me to jazz.是我弟弟使我了解了爵士乐。

    The teacher introduced his young pupils to the intricacies of Euclid.那位教师把复杂的欧几里得几何学教授给自己年轻的学生。

    The teacher introduced the boy to the pleasures of reading.这位老师让孩子们尝到了读书的乐趣。

    The young man is introducing a new product to the public.那个年轻人正在向公众介绍一种新产品。

    Tom's latest book may introduce some new ideas to the public.汤姆的新作可能会向公众介绍某些新思想。

    The Arabs later introduced the compass to Europe.后来阿拉伯人又把罗盘传入欧洲。

    Food companies introduce new products to the market.食品公司向市场输送新产品。

    The botanist introduced a new species of plant to the region.那位植物学家向该地区引入了一种新植物。

    He introduced a motion to the meeting.他向会议提出一项动议。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    I should like to be introduced to him.我很想结识他。

    Alice was introduced to Norman's friends.艾利斯被介绍给诺尔曼的朋友。

    They were introduced to the ambassador.他们被介绍给了那位大使。

    At a cocktail party in Hollywood,I was introduced to Charlie Chaplin.在好莱坞的一次鸡尾酒会上,人家把我介绍给查理·卓别林。

    I was first introduced to Hemingway by his novel Old Man and Sea .我是通过阅读《老人与海》了解海明威的。

    I was first introduced to office politics on a most unfortunate occasion.我在一个非常令人遗憾的场合第一次领略了办公室里的勾心斗角。

    Born in the middle of London, he was introduced to politics as a child.他出生于伦敦市中心,从孩提时代就对政治有所体验了。


用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词


  • The fourth member was..Liz,..introduced for reasons of utility.

    出自:G. Greene



  1. introduce不能接双宾语,在介绍信中应把收信人写做to的宾语。

    Allow me to introduce you my friend Mr Porter.

    Allow me to introduce to you my friend Mr Porter.

  2. introduce不可以拿来“介绍(书报)”,应用recommend代替。

    Can you recommend to me a dictionary?

  3. introduce与书本等连用时,表示“使……注意或认识”,不同“介绍”。

    He introduced me to the dictionary.

  1. introduce的基本含义是“引导到里面”,常用于第一次正式使某人认识或了解某人或某事物,可以自我介绍,也可以介绍别人。introduce还有“引进”“实施”“采用”“插入”“作为…的开头”等意思。
  2. introduce是及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语,把自己介绍给别人时接反身代词。可用于被动结构。introduce的宾语后面接介词to时表示“向某人介绍”“把…介绍给某人”; 接介词into时,表示“传入”“引进”“采用”。


introduce, recommend
1.introduce的含义是介绍某人或某物本身,使其被认识; recommend的含义是介绍某人或某物的优点、长处,使其被采用。例如:
He introduced the young man to the manager.他把那个年轻人介绍给了经理。
He recommended strongly the young man to the manager.他极力向经理推荐那个年轻人。
2.recommend可用于“recommend sb sth ”句型,而introduce不能这样用。例如:
The publishing house introduced a series of books to the public.那家出版社向公众推出一套丛书。
The librarian recommended me a new novel.图书馆员向我推荐了一本新小说。
introduce, present
Let me introduce a new method of work to you.让我向你们介绍一种新的工作方法。
The new employees were presented to the rest of the staff.新雇员被介绍给其余职员。
2.introduce适用于涉及的人在地位上彼此平等的场合; present则适用于涉及的人地位高低不等的场合。例如:
He introduced the guests to each other.他介绍客人们互相认识。
Freshmen are presented to the president of the college.一年级学生被介绍给学院院长。
introduce, insert, interject, interpolate, interpose
这组词都有把“某(人)物插入其他(人)物之间”的意思。它们的区别是:introduce指插进原来没有的东西使其同原有部分成为一个整体; insert指把某物插入其他物体之间的固定的位置上; interpolate指插入与主题无关的或经过篡改、伪造的东西; interpose指插入起阻碍作用的人或物; interject指突然或有力地插入。例如:
He introduces the pipe into the hole.他把管子插入孔中。
He inserted the wooden peg into the hole.他把木钉插入孔眼。
“I don't agree at all!”he interjected.“我根本就不同意!”他突然叫道。
He interpolated a phrase about the growth of profits into the report.他在报告中加了一句关于利润增长的话。
He interposed himself between them to stop them fighting.他挤进两人中间,阻止他们打架。


  1. 我是否可以把我的老朋友怀特先生介绍给你?

    May I introduce you my old friend Mr. White?

    May I introduce my old friend Mr. White to you?

  2. 我可以把她介绍给你吗?

    May I introduce her you?

    May I introduce her to you?

    表示“将某人或某事介绍给他人”,应该说introduce sb/sth to sb else 。

  3. 我要求朋友们推荐一位善于诊治儿童病的医生。

    I asked my friends to introduce a doctor who is good with children.

    I asked my friends to recommend a doctor who is good with children.

  4. 请给我介绍一本英汉词典好吗?

    Will you introduce me an English-Chinese dictionary?

    Will you recommend me an English-Chinese dictionary?

    introduce 表示“介绍(某人与某人相识)”,若表示“推荐(某人,实物,工作,职位等)”应该用recommend。

  5. 我被介绍给他所有的朋友。

    I was introduced into all his friends.

    I was introduced to all his friends.


  • 错句:professor xia has introduced an assisant for me.

    纠正:professor xia has introduced an assisant to me.


    分析:汉语中“将某人介绍给某人”,英语应用“introduced sb. to sb.”。


  • ☆ 15世纪晚期进入英语,直接源自古典拉丁语的introduecre。



introduce : 介绍;引见 ...
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  • introduce:introduce vt. 介绍, 传入, 引进, 提出习惯用语introduce into 把...引进, 传入 把...列入, 插入…


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