interactive sql

  • 交互式sql

interactive sql的用法和样例:


  1. The path name is relative to the machine Interactive SQL is running on.
    路径名为相对于运行Interactive SQL的计算机的相对路径。
  2. To unload data onto a client machine, see OUTPUT statement [Interactive SQL].
    要将数据卸载到客户端计算机,请参见OUTPUT语句[Interactive SQL]。
  3. In Interactive SQL, you can specify an option in a SET OPTION statement.
    对于Interactive SQL,您可以在SET OPTION语句中指定选项。
  4. To see the entire result set, export your query back to Interactive SQL by clicking OK.
    若要查看整个结果集,请单击[确定]将查询导回Interactive SQL。
  5. Connect to the sample database from Interactive SQL with a user ID of DBA and a password of SQL.
    用DBA用户ID和SQL口令从Interactive SQL连接到示例数据库。
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