hourly pay

  • 小时工资

hourly pay的用法和样例:


  1. Day-trading chews up a great deal of time. You have to ask yourself whether the hourly pay is better in longer-term trading.
  2. Abstract: We examine how organizational practices making an economic evaluation of time salient, such as hourly pay, can lead people to spend less time on uncompensated work--volunteering.
  3. Consumer income is in a vice: not only are jobs and hours shrinking, but hourly pay grew at only an annualised rate of 0.7% during the past three months, the lowest since the data begin in 1964.
  4. The reason I was wondering whether you could make a living without taking tips is that in my country bartenders are paid a much lower basic hourly pay than people in non-tipping positions.
  5. She had to scrimp and save to pay for her holiday.
  6. If you go to a private hospital you must pay.
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