heavy haul

  • 重载

heavy haul的用法和样例:


  1. So the conventional ballasted track must be intensified for high speed and heavy haul railway line, this is a chance for the elastic sle.
  2. Analyzed and summarized the reason of heavy haul wagon wheel wear,and against the unmoral wheel wear putted forward several proposal.
  3. The influences of heavy haul trains on the rail wear such as weight,axleload of the train as well as the radius of the track are emphasized.
  4. The load carrying capacity of wheels is improved through the optimization design of computer simulation in ABC Company to meet requirements of heavy haul transport in AAR.
    为满足 AAR重载运输的要求 ,ABC公司通过计算机仿真优化设计 ,提高了车轮承载能力。
  5. Powerful trucks are used for heavy hauls.
  6. The key technology of the brake locking and release for heavy haul freight cars applied by the retarder has been realized under low pressure transmission.
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