frame top rail

  • 车架顶梁

frame top rail的用法和样例:


  1. Something, such as the top rail of a fence, that rests on or is supported by something else.
  2. For the diameters ratios, the stanchions pipe to ball is approx 0.6, top rail to ball is approx 0.5, mid rail to ball is approx 0.4.
  3. As they drove up by the ruins of the house, they saw Beatrice Tarleton dressed in a worn riding habit, a crop under her arm, sitting on the top rail of the fence about the paddock, staring moodily at nothing.
    赶车经过住宅的废墟时,她们看见比阿特里斯 - 塔尔顿穿着破骑马服,臂下夹着一条马鞭,坐在牧场周围的篱笆顶上,一双忧郁的眼睛茫然地凝望着前方。
  4. C6MCC Maintenance of civil engineering Projects erected scaffolds where employees are working/passing below shall have planking or netting installed from the platform to the top rail.
  5. the top rail of a fence or balustrade.

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