floating bed

  • 浮床

floating bed的用法和样例:


  1. A new type of ecological floating bed was developed that combined hydrophyte,aquatic animal and biofilm.
  2. Ion exchange demineralization Series: If No pressure on the top of anion exchanger current renewable Yang, Floating Bed, In addition to carbon dioxide device and Ion exchange.
  3. The results indicated the COD, TN and TP could be removed from the floating bed system of Acorus calamus L and the mixed floating bed system of Acorus calamus L and Yperus slternifolius, respectively.
  4. Through investigating and analyzing of the cationic double-chamber double-layer float bed in Shijiazhuang Co-generation Power Plant, the main causes of underproduction in periodic mode was found.
  5. The water quality control of seriously polluted river was tested by Ipomoea aquatica on soilless floating beds.
  6. Canna ( Cana generalis Bailey) plants were cultured on fish pond by floating beds without soil from 1990 to 1995 in Fuyang County, Zhejiang.
    1990年起 ;采用浮床无土栽培技术在鱼塘水面种植陆生植物美人蕉 (CanageneralisBailey) .
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