feed coal

  • 入炉煤

feed coal的用法和样例:


  1. They use mechanical stokers to feed coal into the furnace.
  2. Low-cost coal that is easily gasified for producing synthetic gas (CO+H2) can be used to feed coal for indirect liquefaction.
  3. Shen L J.Study of the adaptability of compound dry separator on feed coal moisture [J].Clean Coal Technology, 1997,3(2): 36-29.
  4. Based on PKM gasifier coal lock hopper auto feed coal DCS system program's development and application, PKM Gasifier can auto feed coal and produce gas safely and steady.
  5. The briquette strength is increased along with the feed coal particle size decreasing at the without binder and high-pressure briquetting process condition.
  6. The effect of feed coal particle size on strength of briquette is discussed when different briquetting process and rank of coalification coal are adopted.
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