double switch

  • 双刀开关,两路开关

double switch的用法和样例:


  1. Compared with conventional interleaving double switch forward PWM DC-DC converter, this converter doesn’t include auxiliary resonant circuit.
    与传统的交错并联双管正激PWM DC-DC变换器相比,它不含有辅助谐振电路。
  2. In order to restrain LOS vibration of Bang-Bang Guidance Law,an improved Bang-Bang guidance law with adaptive double switch thresholds is presented based on vibration restraining thoughts by thresholds.
  3. Study on double switch and voltage switch circuit
  4. -code for the double switch SPI/I2C serial driver.
    详细说明: 本代码为SPI/I2C转双串口驱动程序。
  5. In view of the influence by weather factors, this paper presented a double switching theory for hybird FSO/RF.It is found that the rate of the signal is directly related to the band width.
  6. He is working double tides to finish his essay.
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