double staining

  • 双重着色

double staining的用法和样例:


  1. Double staining showed two populations of cells with different morphology and color.
  2. Objective To identify damaged hair cells in the cochlea by double staining with TUNEL and propidium iodide ( PI ).
  3. Apoptosis was determined by acridine orange(AO) staining,Annexin-V/PI double staining, laser scanning cytometry(LSC) and flow cytometry (FCM).
    方法 1.;通过MTT比色法检测NSAIDs对细胞生长活力的影响。 2
  4. The double staining showed that co expressing rate of CgA/ER and CgA/PR was 10.1%(221/2 208) and 20.1%(490/2 440),respectively.
    2 2例CgA阳性子宫内膜癌细胞中CgA /ER同时表达率为 10 .;1%25 (2 2 1/2 2 0 8个细胞 );CgA/PR同时表达率为 2 0
  5. Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (GGT) and alpha fetoprotein(AFP) producing cells in preneoplastic lesions in F_(344) rats were studied by means of double staining of GGT anp AFP.
  6. Ponceau 2R-brilliant green double staining technique is a quick,simple and reliable myelin stain method in demonstrating the fasciculi in the central nervous system.

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