double source

  • 偶极声源

double source的用法和样例:


  1. Accelerate development to develop trolleybus of Shuang Yuanxin join with a hinge at the same time, had made double source technology transform the job.
  2. In recent years, the mainly development of CT technology are from non- spiral CT to spiral CT, from single-slice spiral CT to multi-slice spiral CT, from simple source spiral CT to double source spiral CT.
  3. It evolves from single row CT to 256 rows CT and double source CT, from the X-ray of early, period to the X-ray absorptiometry of and from the one dimensional flat surface 3D stereoscopic.
  4. And the non-thermal nature of the double sources in impulsive phase is basically demonstrated. (2) The ``impulsive loop-top source'' of HXR emission in flares is discovered.
    (2) 发现了耀斑“环顶脉冲源”。
  5. double source array television antenna
  6. double source electron beam evaporation
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