double mode

  • 双模,双振荡型

double mode的用法和样例:


  1. Please press the space bar, choice of single mode 1-player game or Double mode 2-player game. Choose the venue started the game.
    先按空格键,选择单人模式1-player game或双人模式2-player game,再选择场地开始游戏。
  2. A kind of design method using the fuzzy-PID double mode controlling SVC var compensation controller is suggested in this paper.
  3. The game is introduced: Grapple two girls, excellent grapple game very, game offer single and double mode, the file is slightly big, please wait for a moment.
  4. There is evidence to whow that such “double mode” arises from a misaligned axes of the resonator consisting of two tandem resonators, and a distorted cathode-copper tube.
  5. You can play with mouse or joystick or keyboard in singles or doubles mode andset the time limit for the match.
  6. nonlinear system / fuzzy-PID double mode control
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