double mark

  • [医] 双标

double mark的用法和样例:


  1. The introduction of the double mark figure and the special interacting value (Dge) of AMMI model was useful to identify the discriminability of locations to varieties and the special adaptability of cultivars.
  2. Results 50 examples nasopharynges department low score scale cancer organizes the specimen to have the different quantity the double mark masculine cell,namely also P53 and CK expresses.
  3. Routine targeted double marking identifies the level of divergence (i.e., jagged profile) between Writing and/or Speaking scores and Reading and Listening scores.
  4. Methods The expression of Fas and FasL antigen on peripheral blood T lymphocytes was determined by flow cytometry and three colour double marked immunofluorescence methods in 26 patients with Behcet disease and 43 healthy individuals.
    方法 采用流式细胞仪 (flow cytom etry)及三色荧光双标记细胞免疫荧光技术对 2 6例Behcet病患者和 43例正常人外周血 T淋巴细胞表面 Fas和 Fas L抗原的表达进行检测。
  5. He is working double tides to finish his essay.
  6. Overview of the Application of Double Mark Recognition Control Technique
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