double inlets

  • 双入口

double inlets的用法和样例:


  1. Suggestions are made on improving the design of the top frame with double inlets for different stocks so as to render square plansifter perfecter.
  2. The pressure drop performance in single and double inlet cyclone separators is reported in this paper.
    结果表明 ,具有双进口渐缩回转通道的旋风器性能较优。
  3. In this paper an experimental investigation on a recently developed two stage double inlet pulse tube refrigerator with a minor orifice is introduced.
  4. Through test and analysis, the influence of putting auxiliary air of the double inlet and double outlet coal pulverizer into operation upon ecomomic behavior of the boiler for 300 MW unit in one power plant has been obtained.
  5. It is found that for the PTR studied the coefficient of performance of the double inlet type can be improved from 0.091 to 0.108 and from 25.04% to 29.95% for the corresponding exergy efficiency compared with the orifice type.
  6. double inlets and outlets ball mill
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