differentiation circuit

  • 微分电路

differentiation circuit的用法和样例:


  1. Finally, the center tapped inductors are designed for differential circuit with better symmetry property.
  2. A method for the continuous determination of trace copper and lead in ABS resin by 2.5s differential circuit of anodic stripping volammetry was introduced in this paper.
  3. When multistage amplifier has double-input double-output differential circuit, the two methods produce different calculating results.
  4. Substituting conventional calomel reference electrode with An film counter-electrode, a good linear response is achievedin ISFET/ REFET pair differential circuit.
  5. The one step linear modulation was realized by the use of calculation amplifier of precedent phase on three steps with two differential circuit, which can bate the disturbance effectively and advance the signal to noise ratio.
    对强干扰下的声波信号采用两级差动放大 ,采用相位超前型三运放二阶电路 ,实现一级增益线性调节。
  6. There may be saturation in the differential circuit built with the operational amplifier(Op Amp),which causes that the relationship between input and output is not differential expression.

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