different water depth

  • 不同水深

different water depth的用法和样例:


  1. According to his actual experience, the author submits some methods and techniques that how to use drilling above water in different water depth and stratum.
    本文作者根据自己多年的工程实践总结出在不同水深,不同地层中如何采用水上钻探的一些 方法及工艺。
  2. Model tests for this hull lines are conducted at different water depth in towing tank, and the effect of shallow water on craft performance is investigated.
  3. Following works have been carried out:(1) According to the clean water static oxygenation test, the oxygenation capability of different oxygen source has beeb estimated in the thesis, different aerators and different water depth.
  4. Effect of algae on photo-degradation of phorate-and-phoxim in different water depth,different water quality, different kind of radiation and different state of water movement were investigated.
  5. The hydraulic analysis of pump for suction penetration of bucket foundation as well as the pressure head relation between bucket cavity and pump inlet for different water depths and different pump mounting heights are described in this paper.
  6. In fluence of flow velocity measuring point distributionunder different water depth during open river period to mean velocity of plum-line

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