different vertical compression

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different vertical compression的用法和样例:


  1. Enumeration represents the different vertical alignment options for an object or text in a control.
  2. H-Beam rolling processes with different vertical roll cone angles have been simulated by using three-dimensional elastoplastic finite element method.
    针对不同立辊锥角的H型钢万能轧制过程 ,采用三维弹塑性有限元法进行了模拟 ,分析了不同锥角情况下翼缘的变形特点和水平辊轧制力的变化。
  3. This paper introduced various device related in test of vertical compression static bearing resistance of single pile, and discussed the requirement of selection and installation of various device.
  4. The cooperative works of single rank of piles with different vertical elastic rigidity under strip beam is analysed and the cooperative works rule is summarized in this paper.
  5. This paper investigated the chemical compositions, saccharide, fiber morphology and Crystallinity of cellulose of Larix kaempferi in different tree ages and different vertical locations within a stem.

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