different treatment of potassium

  • 不同施钾处理

Different treatment of potassium的用法和样例:


  1. Role of potassium channel blockade in the treatment of sepsis-induced vascular hyporeactivity.
  2. The impact on determination of partical concentration in stationary pollution source,caused by different treatment of fiber-glass filter.
  3. In the same soil, the loss of potassium was fast with the treatment of 0.1gK 2O/kg soil, but it was slow with the treatment of 0.2gK 2O/kg soil and 0.3gK 2O/kg soil.
  4. The content of potassium and the tobacco leaf quality in the treatment of ridging by low planting and applying potassium fertilizer at rosette and toping stage respectively are better than any other treatment.
  5. The optimal combination of medium was modified DCR+2.0 mg/L6-BA, on which 74% explants was induced , average inductive rate of propation was 6, and the highest rate of propagation was 11.(3) Different treatment of explants also had important influence.
    较为适宜的培养基组合为改良DCR+2.;0mg/L 6-BA;诱导率可达到74%25;平均增殖系数为6;最大的增殖系数可达到11。

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