different tracks

  • 不同轨迹

different tracks的用法和样例:


  1. Teaching programs which sort students into different tracks are not education.
  2. "What?" He had been on quite a different track, no credit to his willful mind.
  3. In all lateral movements shoulder-in, travers, renvers, half-pass, the horse is slightly bent and moves with the forehand on different tracks.
  4. Do you flip the switch that will steer the trolley onto a different track if that means only one person will die?
  5. The LCD unit also pre-stores 3 different type of ESC setting, so you can easily load your favourite setting to suit different track condition.
  6. MicroQuad 3D racing 1.1 Your mission is to race a quad bike around 20 different tracks and to attempt to move your way through the levels which are Baby Cup, Junior Cup, Pro Cup, Master Cup and Expert Cup.
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