different stages and disease

  • 不同疾病阶段

different stages and disease的用法和样例:


  1. The reults suggest that the antigen changes with different stages and the protein of 30 kD appeared newly at the 5th instar larva is stage-specific.
  2. These traps of different stages and different types usually superimpose and intersect longitudinally, and exist in rows and in belts planarly.
  3. Prioritize daily workload in relation to overseeing various projects running concurrently at different stages and assist other members of Project team when the workload dictates.
  4. Possibly it is due to the integrated effects of crop management practices such as N distribution at different stages and tillering controlling methods used on different soils.
  5. Results Typical avascular necrosis at different stages and severities was found on bone scintigraphy at 31 femoral heads of 16 SARS patients, 97% of which were MRI positive.
    结果 骨三相发现16例患者31个股骨头呈不同阶段、不同程度的典型骨坏死表现, 其中97%25有MRI异常;

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