different scale

  • 不同尺度域

different scale的用法和样例:


  1. But this week's fiasco is on an entirely different scale.
  2. Aim at different scale problems, two method, traditional Hungary method and genetic algorithm, are proposed.
  3. You are right.Usually, I give different scale set up in "Linetype Manager" but sometimes it doesn’t work.
    For me I created different 线型比例 files for special scale and save this to local machine.
  4. And on a completely different scale, many reactions will be unconscious, almost meaningless blips on the radar of our life.
  5. The wavelet theory was introduced.The residual signal from the gyroscope was decomposed by the different scale biorthogonal stationary wavelet base.
  6. There are a great many different scale and shape unstablefeatures de veloped on the subaqueous delta of the modern Changjiang River and Huanghe River .
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