different sampling sites

  • 不同采点

different sampling sites的用法和样例:


  1. Results showed that there were large differences of marine microbial total numbers between different sampling sites, and the melt sea ice and salinity in sea water were probably two important factors affecting the marine microbial amounts in Chukchi Sea.
    调查结果还显示 ,不同站位间的海洋微生物总量存在明显差异 ,海冰的融化和海水中的盐度可能是影响这一海区海洋微生物总量的重要因素。
  2. Different small letters mean significantly different at P = 0.05. The sampling sites correspond to those in Table 1.
  3. The best sampling sites in carcass of different animals and the caution during the procedures of quarantine of meat food(salted meat, ham and sausage...
  4. The thesis chooses the reasonable sampling site according to the different distribution of Phragmite australis,and combing the simulation experiment.
  5. This ensures that the data obtained can be related to data from other sampling sites.

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