different ratio

  • 不同配比

different ratio的用法和样例:


  1. The visocosity of PW EVA SA MIM binder with different ratio were measured and the flowabilities were compared.
  2. The test proves that different ratio of core material and wall forming material can effect the encapsulation evidently.
  3. Chemical reactions in urea-sulfuric acid system with different ratio of urea and sulfuric acid at various temperatures are studied.
  4. After co culture with tumor cells at different ratio, tumoricidal activity of PBMC was higher in IL 18 group ( P =0.016).
    PBMC与不同效靶比的肿瘤细胞共同温育后 ;IL 18组PBMC对肿瘤细胞杀伤率较对照组为高 (P=0 .;0 16 ) ;
  5. Monodispersed phenyl-capped tetraaniline was added to the poly(amic acid) at different ratio, then the mixture was mixed with ultrasonic for 15h .
  6. This article investigates the effect of phospholipids emulsified oil of different ratio on noodle color, noodle cooking quality and texture quality.
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