different leaf type

  • 不同叶型

Different leaf type的用法和样例:


  1. Foliar application to dicotyledon is better than to monocotyledon because of different leaf types and structures of surface wax, and of different varietals plants of homogeneity.
  2. Eachzhi 杈are growing in three different leaf shapes, sub-cotton Parker, oriental arborvitae and juniper.
  3. Abstract: The apparent photosynthetic rate of leaf of the triploid mulberry breed varies with different leaf order.
    文章摘要: 三倍体桑品种的叶片表观光合速率随着叶位的不同而变化幅度较大。
  4. Leaf type head on the probe allows it to fit through small openings, so it is ideal measuring for the small opening temperature of dies, bearings, machinerys, etc.
  5. The machine applies to all kinds of pickled vegetables, leaf type, fungi cleaning, desalination, for seafood, such as: squid, clam meat, such as a very good cleaning effect.

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