different growing stage

  • 不同生育期

Different growing stage的用法和样例:


  1. In order to improve tomato hardness and prolong the storage life, the experiment of using different CaCl2 concentrations on tomato in different growing stage was conducted.
  2. Using the leaves of walnut Yangbi variety(Juglans sigillata) of different growing stage as the experimental materials, the genomic DNA extraction effect of two methods namely high salt and low pH and modified CTAB was compared.
  3. Ten new varieties(or lines)of the present age were used to measure the content of chlorophyll,activity of Hill and RUBP(Ribulose 1,5-Biphosphate)in different growing stage in soybean.
    测定了 10个最新育成品种 (系 )不同生育时期的叶绿素含量、希尔反应活力及 RU BP(Ribulose,5 -Biphosphate)羧化酶活性。
  4. In the paper, the main nutrition of Dipsacus asper wall in different growing stages was analyzed.
  5. The effects of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition in water stress were different indifferent indexes and in different growing stages, also in different levels of fertilizers.
  6. In this paper, the content of polyphenols and chlorogenic acid were determined in different parts of artichoke, different growing stages, different growing environments and different extract solvents.

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