different fabric matches

  • 异料镶拼

different fabric matches的用法和样例:


  1. Toss the cover in the washing-machine and pick out a spare one in a different fabric for a fresh outlook on life.
  2. Abstract: Five different fabric weaves are chosen to research the water repellency of the lotus leaf-like fabric.
    摘 要: 以涤纶超细海岛型纤维和涤纶高收缩丝为原料,选用了5种不同的织物组织,研究仿荷叶织物的拒水性。
  3. NORG's Elegante is a elegant northern european blouse, enclosed is a inner tee that is silky. It is a hybrid of many different fabric exhibiting nobility and also great texture.
  4. This is especially suitable for large batch quantities of similar fabric, although it looses flexibility if different fabric types are to be processed .
  5. First, a facsimile JAK Productions folder holds a number of different fabric samples cut from the same bolts used to create many of the prequel costumes.

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