different ecology recovery and reconstruction

  • 不同生态恢复与重建

different ecology recovery and reconstruction的用法和样例:


  1. The statistics of natural disaster is the basic work of disaster assessment,emergency assistance,recovery and reconstruction.
  2. Through the government's herculean efforts , a great achievement was made in the post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction in the quake zone.
    通过政府的 艰苦努力 ,地震灾区震后恢复与重建工作取得巨大的成就。
  3. "We're at a stage now [that] within the next month or so we'll really begin to see recovery and reconstruction changes physically in Aceh," he said.
  4. With 228 maps, the atlas panoramically records the massive earthquake, from its occurrence in Wenchuan to post-quake planning of recovery and reconstruction.
  5. Recovery and Reconstruction of No.16 Street in Denver,USA

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