different drying methods

  • 不同干燥方法

Different drying methods的用法和样例:


  1. Objective: To investigate the influences of different drying methods on the contents of imperatorin and isoimperatorin in alcohol extracts of Angelica dahurica.
  2. Objective To analyse the content of Camptothecine in fruit of camptotheca acuminata decne.by different dry methods.
  3. Abstract: Aim: To evaluate the quality of Citicoline Sodium dried by different drying methods and conditions.
    摘要 : 目的 :检测不同干燥方法与条件对胞磷胆碱钠质量的影响。
  4. Conclusion: There are no much differences for the mangiferin contents by different drying methods and the decline range is not too much during two-year storage.
  5. The grist of black waxy corn that have been cooked thoroughly was dried with four different drying methods(far infrared drying,microwave drying,hot-air drying and puffing drying).
  6. Study instantaneous high pressure (IHP) was used to modify the physical properties of lotus leaf dietary fibre, and the effect of different dry methods on reformed fibre adsorptive properties, including unsaturated fat, saturated fat, cholesterin.

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