different building shape

  • 不同体型

different building shape的用法和样例:


  1. It is indicated that the grids generated by the proposed method are simple,high quality and suitable for different building shapes,and the results of numerical simulation agree well those of the wind tunnel test.
  2. Are Photon and Phase Cannons 2 different buildings?
  3. Our company can provide set of breakstone screening equipment for different building stones field.
  4. LED ribbon for decoration;LED backlights;LED strip for advertising;LED tube for different building decoration.
    主营业务:We manufacture different LED lighting products, such as LED cluster for channel letter;
  5. Abstract Based on Reynolds stress turbulence model,airflow fields within urban street canyons under different building heights were simulated.
    摘要 应用雷诺应力湍流模型,模拟了不同高度比的城市街道峡谷的气流场。

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