different addition quantity

  • 不同掺量

different addition quantity的用法和样例:


  1. The effects caused by different addition quantities of organic solvent and different addition time on the cell growth and secondary metabolites production were studied.
    研究了不同的有机相添加比例与加入时间对细胞生长、次生产物代谢的影响 ;
  2. The thesis considered the production practice,mainly discuss the effects of modifier with different additive phase and additive quantity on synthesis technique and properties of resin through study on the modification of UF resin adhesive .
  3. 英文摘要 : The change of rice milk in rice steeping process and the effects of different addition quantity of rice milk on the quality of yellow rice wine were analyzed.
    摘要 : 对浸米过程中米浆水的变化情况及不同添加浆水量对黄酒质量的影响进行了分析。
  4. However, there is a positive relationship between sinter temperature and addition quantity of flux.
  5. The effect of the addition quantity of PBO, the temperature of extension and the speed of extrusion on the extension reaction is investigated.

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