conflict rules

  • 冲突法律

conflict rules的用法和样例:


  1. Are the conflict rules facultative or mandatory for the judge and the person concerned?
  2. The conflict rules are generally mandatory in Roman law countries where the courts have the duty to apply to the leges according to the conflict rules of the leges fori.
  3. The reservation of public order(hereinafter "RPO" ), originating from the application of conflict rules, is one of the oldest principles in conflict laws.
  4. The traditional PIL, especially its doctrinal basis, the form and content of conflict rules, was criticized thoroughly during the "revolution" of the PIL in the 20th century.
  5. In international private law, RPO is a system that a domestic court denies to apply the foreign law if it violates the local public order, though which should be applied according the conflict rules.
  6. Therefore, we must make clear and definite both in legislation and in judicial practice: the conflict rules of our country are not facultative which are binding on all people's courts.
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