competition car

  • 竞争车

competition car的用法和样例:


  1. Fits many standard and factory option parts from the FW-05RR competition car.
    适合许多标准和工厂的选项部分从又一城- 05rr竞争的汽车。
  2. LRP continues to expand its Competition Car Line LiPo packs with this new 28C 5100 saddle pack.
  3. Also on static display at Goodwood will be the first-ever Audi competition car, the Audi Type C Alpine Cup winner dating from 1919.
  4. Most competition cars will only roll over if they hit an obstacle.
  5. "They promised me to have a competitive car to fight for the championship this year and unfortunately it is not like that.
  6. Cars with this tight lateral acceleration and yaw rate phasing tend to turn in well and it is a typical set up for competition cars.
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