coal plant

  • n. 煤中所含的树木化石

coal plant的用法和样例:


  1. In fact, the FPL Glades Power Park will be 23 percent more efficient than the average existing U.S. coal plant.
  2. And the text introduced the application process and effect of moving jigger in Zhangji coal plant.
  3. Our forgetful CM has forgotten that the Coal plant was stopped by the government in Lahad Datu and later moved to Sandakan and now where?
  4. By analyzing the conditions of production workm anship of Tiefa Cleaning Coal Plant, provide a series of feasible plan to realize the target of sulphurization and reducing ash.
  5. A new power plant in Nakoso, Japan, might someday change everything for coal plants.
  6. When an electric utility builds a1,000- megawatt coal plant designed to trap CO2, it needs to have somewhere to stash securely the six million tons of the gas the facility will generate every year for its entire life.
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