coal dryer

  • 煤干燥器

coal dryer的用法和样例:


  1. The paper discusses the difference between coal dry beneficiation with air dense medium fluidized bed and other traditional separations in keeping density stability.
  2. CMI is a market leader in the supply of coal drying centrifuges to the worldwide coal industry.
  3. The New Progress of Coal Dry Separation
  4. Discharged from the air preheater hot air is divided into two units: a go Coal drying and conveying of pulverized coal, and the other shares directly into the combustion chamber.
  5. An example of inerting design was given for a pulverized coal drying process, where the inert gas flow rate can be estimated by recycled air flow rate and air leaking rate.
  6. Yang G H, Chen Q R.Study on coal drying characteristics in a hot gas-penetrating vibrated fluidized bed[J].Journal of China University of Mining &Technology, 1998,27(3):225-228.
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