cement plug

  • 水泥塞

cement plug的用法和样例:


  1. Special tool for pumping slurry and releasing plug.The ZSC-A Single Cavity Cement Plug Set can be connected with Drill pipe.
  2. The milling bit rotates during the bit drilling cement plug and the milling head cuts the edge of the plug to form cement column.
  3. But the two stage tools used to so far are mostly required to drill the rubber plug or cement plug out after the cementing job is done.
  4. Engineers are worried that CO2- laden brine, which is acidic, could find its way from an injection well to an abandoned well and thereupon corrode the cement plug and leak to the surface.
  5. Superfine cement plugging technology is an effective way to plug thief zone, to reduce water production and/or invalid water injection, and to improve oil displacement efficiency of injected water.
  6. The paper develops embrasure plugging a-gent(FD-2) with high strength according to the present problem that cement plugs embrasure.
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