cement bond

  • 水泥胶结

cement bond的用法和样例:


  1. At present, acoustic cement bond log is one of the methods widely applied for primary cement evaluation.
  2. Cement bond logging is a conventional method to check cement bond quality in cased hole.
  3. When using CBL-VDL logging information to carry out cement bond evaluation,formation wave energy is major sign to reflect the second interface cement degree.
  4. Satisfactory results have been reached by substituting imported CBL logging tool of DDL series with home made cement bond logging tool SJC 2C.
    在开窗侧钻井中使用国产SJC 2C水泥胶结综合测井仪替代进口的DDL系列CBL测井仪已取得了较好应用效果。
  5. According to comparative tests,treating cement slurry with high frequency electric field can enhance the strength of cement bond by 11 7%.
  6. The purpose of cement bond log(CBL) under increasing borehole pressure is to differentiate micro annulus from bypass channel.
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