cement base

  • 粘固粉基底

cement base的用法和样例:


  1. Some teams like to work beside a cement base Geshan, such as using cement base must be required before the cement dry-plank, or will cause inflation humps sticking out wet floors.
  2. It is stirs by the cement base inorganic powder material and the acrylic acid high polymer emulsion double component material scene, bonds becomes, is the flexible waterproofing material.
  3. The quadric mathematical model can describe accurately the inner relationship among adding quantity and compressive strength, bending strength of cement base material at different caring ages.
  4. A new colour cement based coating is prepared by using Portland cement as the base material,adding in pigment,filler,and compound admixture,and modified by filling an emulsion.
    介绍了以普通硅酸盐水泥为基料 ;加入颜料、填料、复合外加剂 ;并通过加入乳液进行改性而制成的新型彩色水泥基涂料 .
  5. Cement based fiber reinforced rendering mortar. Good flexible, waterproof, water preservation and bonding properties. Shock resistance and anti-ageing, no poison and no smell.
  6. Introduces properties and features of cement based flexible tiles and describes by means of actual pro-ject main points for application when used in pitched roofs.
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