blue shift

  • 蓝移,蓝向移位,蓝移位

blue shift的用法和样例:


  1. The electromagnetic coupling among the particles in the particle monolayer resulted in a blue shift of the SPR band.
  2. The effects of tunneling, quantum, blue shift of nanomaterials will be presented.
  3. Blue shift appears on the absorb edgea in the absorption spectrum and also on the exciton band edge emission peaks in the luminescence spectrum.
  4. In addition, the PL intensity is monotonically increasing with the blue shift of PL wavelength due to the increasing density of small-size Si-ncs.
  5. In the UV-VIS absorption spectrum, the absorption peak of Q-band of PbPc &VOPc film shows an obvious red shift, while that of H2Pc &C60 and VOPc &C60 shows a blue shift.
    PbPc &VOPc复合膜的UV-VIS吸收谱发生了明显的红移; 而H_2Pc &C_(60)、VOPc &C_(60)复合膜的UV-VIS吸收谱则发生了蓝移。
  6. They like to measure the coming and the going of the speed of objects so they will have red shift or blue shift to know if objects are advancing or retreating from the observer.

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