blue cotton

  • 极白棉

blue cotton的用法和样例:


  1. These will be worn with pale blue cotton shirts from the Armani Napoli range.
  2. A small brown leather jacket.A medium red t-shirt.A blue cotton shirt.A red silk dressing-gown.
  3. When I read this, through a mist of tears I saw his blue cotton padded gown and black jacket once more as his burly figure walked away from me.
    我读到此处,在晶莹的泪光中,又看见那肥胖的,青布棉袍,黑布马褂的背影。 唉!
  4. He guessed she must surely be sunburned, ruddy and healthy, too shy to lift her head when introduced to someone, dressed in a blue cotton print apron.
    那女人的样子他知道。 他猜得出,那一定是个象蓝花花或者李香香一样的,黑红又健美的女人,见了人羞得抬不起头,束着条蓝花布缝成的围裙。
  5. So I think the first Nanjing, I carry on with two blue cotton - wadded trousers, wearing a long, the two were doing great underwear.
  6. I watched him hobble toward the railway truck in his black skullcap, black cloth mandarin jacket and dark blue cotton - padded cloth long gown.

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