blow-run method

  • 鼓风掺气法

blow-run method的用法和样例:


  1. Instead, Swing puts this object in a queue and executes its run method at an arbitrary point in the future.
  2. This method will simply have a BeginScene-EndScene block inside a loop, allowing the game programmer to start the game by calling the Run method.
  3. You must create a Main method for your service project that defines the services to run and calls the Run method on them.
  4. And you should implement the work to be performed in the run method, as you do when you program with Java threads directly.
  5. Property is set. The runtime loader engine and the Visual Basic script engine will also throw this exception on calling the Run method if the property has not been set.
    此外,如果未设置该属性,则运行库加载程序引擎和Visual Basic脚本引擎在调用Run方法时也会引发此异常。
  6. He rarely races down the floor, choosing instead to run methodically rim-to-rim (even in transition) and looking to make contact with his defender inside.

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