big-endian data storage

  • 大数在先数据存储法

big-endian data storage的用法和样例:


  1. The Java Virtual Machine is big endian as well.
  2. Generate "big endian" format output.
  3. Big endian means that the most significant byte of any multibyte data field is stored at the lowest memory address, which is also the address of the larger field.
  4. A storage cell; an element of data storage that can hold one bit.
    一个存储单元; 保存一位二进制数的数据存储单元。
  5. This means that UTF-16 data can be treated in a way that is independent of the byte ordering on different computers (little endian versus big endian).
    这意味着可以通过独立于不同计算机上的字节顺序的方式处理UTF-16数据(little endian对big endian)。
  6. This class can send data according three basic transfer syntax: Implicit Little Endian, Explicit Little Endian, Explicit Big Endian.
    这个服务类可以按三种最基本的传输语法:Implicit Little Endian,Explicit Little Endian,Explicit Big Endian发送数据。

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